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Improving the construction environment by inspiring people to build together



With efficiency and collaboration, our team brings people together to do extraordinary things.



Our team knows how to eliminate grey areas, bring clarity, and set the stage for a successful project.



Single-source delivery of both design and construction can help accelerate your next project program.


CM At-Risk

Our cost-effective, team-centric approach to streamlining all phases of construction.

Our Team


Align's 5 Core Disciplines


Safety is an inherent part of our culture – to us it is a matter of personal responsibility.  We work to eliminate the risk of injury and illness for our teams and everyone we work with.

Quality Control

By mastering all six phases of our Quality Control program, we will exceed the expectations of our clients.  Our goal is zero defects and 100% successful inspections on the first attempt.


By engaging all project participants in an intensive coordination process, we will create clarity that inspires meaningful engagement on the project’s most critical components.  Efficiency will increase, quality will improve, better solutions will be generated, and the project environment will be improved for all.

Cost Control

We believe that profitability is merely an indicator of the successful implementation of our purpose.  By meticulously controlling expenditures, and carefully managing change, we will ensure success for our clients, our trade partners, and ourselves.

Risk Management

Disciplined thought results in disciplined action!  By taking extreme ownership of our environment, and implementing effective controls, we will protect people, projects, and profits.

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Purpose & Values

We exist to improve the environment in which construction projects are delivered, by inspiring people to work together to build a better product.

DISCIPLINE is how we execute. Our disciplined thought results in effective action.

AFFINITY is how we relate. We build lasting friendships.

INTEGRITY is in our hearts. We do the right thing even when no one is looking.

IMPROVEMENT is our passion. We challenge ourselves to find a better way.

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